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We Magnificent Bastards are rather splendid bunch of actors, performers, writers, producers, artists and - most importantly - friends. We exist to produce exquisite theatrical shows, superb live events and provide a handy outlet for mucking-about, showing-off and practicing the noble art of fancy dress! Unlike other troupes of thespian types we Magnificent Bastards differ in our utter contempt for restraint, orthodoxy, tedium, moderation and sobriety.

To be a Magnificent Bastard is to fuck about, play, experiment, step right over the bounds of convention and sometimes even decency, all the while never forgetting to entertain. We are Magnificent Bastards and we are genuinely tremendous people.

We're best known for producing the hit finge show Shit-faced Shakespeare across the UK and will soon be touring our new interactive "Party Theatre" show The Anarchist's Garden Party around UK music festivals.

Shit-faced Shakespeare

Shit-faced Shakespeare®

Shit-faced Shakespeare is the deeply highbrow fusion of an entirely serious Shakespeare play with an entirely shit-faced cast member.
Side-splitting, raucous and completely interactive, the show has been running since 2010 and has already entertained over 30,000 eager theatre goers across the UK. Having successfully completed multiple sell-out runs of the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe festivals.
With a genuinely drunken professional actor selected at random every night, no two shows are ever the same and audiences can even dictate when the actor gets to drink more to prevent unwanted sobriety.
Shit-Faced Shakespeare seeks to introduce a new generation of theatre-goers to the works of the Bard by reviving the raucous, interactive and vibrant nature of Elizabethan theatre with a very modern twist - reminding them as we go to always enjoy Shakespeare responsibly.

Guardian       2010 "Genuinely hilarious"
Times             2011 "Very rock 'n' roll"
Sun                 2012 "Is this a stagger I see before me?...You're Bard!"
Daily Mail     2012 "Really impressive"
Guardian       2013 "A high concept show if ever there was one"
Express         2013 "Hilarious"
Daily Star     2013 "The funniest show we saw on our four-day trip to the Scottish capital... Brilliant"
Scotsman     2012 "Extremely entertaining"

Shit-faced Showtime®

Shit-faced Showtime® is the all new, all singing, all dancing, all drinking show from Magnificent Bastard Productions. This original show combines the very best of harmonious Broadway with a healthy dose of fermented barley… Featuring classic tunes and highly unpredictable behaviour, Shit-Faced Showtime® is guaranteed to leave you gasping for a chaser.

Having performed to sell-out audiences at the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe festivals, Shit-faced Showtime® is now performing across the UK year-round.

This show contains a single, genuinely inebriated, cast member and may therefore contain strong language, nudity, implied acts of a sexual nature, rapidly expelled bodily fluids, really bad singing, actual acts of a sexual nature and possibly 'moist moments'.

Musical Theatre Review     2015 "The wildest, most unpredictable night of theatre I’ve ever had" ★★★★

WeBrighton     2015 "A perfect celebration of musical theatre, classic show tunes… and liver damage"

GScene     2015 "Brilliant wondrous improvisational glee"

Plays To See     2015 "Frankly, this is extremely risky" ★★★★

BroadwayBaby     2015 "I assumed this show would be a pant-wetter, it was" ★★★★

Shit-Faced Shakespeare® Shorts

Shit-faced Shakespeare® Shorts is our exciting new web series. Check it out below or visit our YouTube channel.

The Anarchist Garden Party

Greetings friend,
Theatre is dead. Killed in its sleep by dreaming charlatans and half convalesced nightmares of the simpler mind. Corrupted and overwrought with the stains of order and structure. Killed by the Gods, the Circle and the Stalls. But worry not, my dear mourner, for salvation awaits. We are the Pan-European Council of Anarchy, a most esteemed enclave of magnificent bastards. You have hereby been issued an invitation by the leader of our Order. He shall be known to you as Sunday and shall consume you entirely should you displease him. The invitation is to attend our council of likeminded malcontents as it is believed you possess qualities which He deems useful to our cause.
We shall meet in secret on the third Thursday of the month in the garden where last we spoke.
Love and hugs,

Monday - 1st of the Council

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